November 17, 2014

About My Extremely Practical Christmas Wish List

November 17, 2014
Hello World!

I know I have been absent for the last week or so, but first I was sick and then yesterday was my husband’s and mine First Wedding Anniversary, so we went on a romantic gateway for the weekend. 

To be honest the first year went by really fast and when I look back I cannot remember anything significant that happened. However, the most important for me is that I spend another year with the love of my life and I cannot be happier. I wish for everyone to find their soul mate just as I have found mine.

Ok, that’s enough with the romantic stuff, let’s talk Christmas!

You may think that there is a long way until Christmas but December is approaching and until you close your eyes and count to ten the holidays will be here. I love shopping and giving present away, but I am not great at receiving them. I like all kind of presents and I am happy with receiving anything, but when I get something a feel a little bit shy  and always say “Oh, you shouldn`t have to.” instead of just “Thank you”.

My mother always asks me what I want for Christmas and for my Birthday, and I am always modest and I say: “Nothing, I have everything I need.” That annoys her and since she also loves giving presents away she always gets me something which most of the way I end up not using. So this year, I decided that I am going to make a list of the thing me and my husband need and want as a guide for my family. Moreover as a mentioned before, I am very practical and I like presents that I can use, so I have to warn you that my list won`t be exciting but practical!

My extremely practical Christmas wish list

For me:

  • Body lotion – you always need some more!
  • Hand Cream – during the windy winter days I use a lot of hand cream to keep my hands hydrated.
  • Tights and leggings – I mostly wear dresses and skirts, so I always need more leggings!
  • Nail repairer or strengthener – I've noticed that my nails have become much damaged lately.
  • Books – I love reading so just any books that sounds interesting makes a great gift for me!
  • Journal – I love a nice journal to keep myself organized.
  • Gloves – last year I lost my “good” gloves, so I need a new pair of gloves.
  • Foot cream – my feet are very dry.
  • Mascara – my mascara is finishing, I need a new one!
  • Any other type of cosmetics like body scrub, shampoos and creams – I love trying new stuff and you always need personal hygiene products. 

For my husband:

  • Socks – he always needs more socks, I don`t know what is he doing with them!
  • Aftershave - he shaves for work mostly every day, so he runs out of aftershave relatively frequent. 
  • Shaving cream/ foam – shaving again…
  • Books – he loves reading as well.
  • Single-colored jumpers – my husband usually wears a shirt with a jumper over for work. He has a lot of colorful jumpers, but not single-colored ones.
  • Wireless mouse – he said is good for playing games…
  • And again body washes, deodorants, etc.

I know that all the listed things are not expensive or special, but they are useful and you need them in your everyday life. I can buy all those things by myself and they will not affect my budget so much. But by providing my family with the opportunity to get me something that I need and it is relatively cheap, I think I make them happy and I save some money for them. Why buy me something that I will not use and waste your money!

What about you do you like practical gifts?

Bye for now,