October 31, 2014

About DIY: Recycled Nail Polish Decorated Jar

October 31, 2014
Hello World!

I love crafts! I love painting! I love nail polish! And decorating things with nail polish combines all there of my passions. I don`t own a considerable amount of nail polishes, but I have enough colors to use for my craft projects. 

One of my favorite things is painting my nails and I love crazy colors. I also hate throwing away stuff, so I keep all of my polishes even if they have gone bad. I recently found an activity that gives old nail polish a new life – nail polish decorating.  Here is an easy and cute DIY polish decorating idea: 

How to decorate a jar with nail polish?

What you need: any shape grass jar, nail polish (old or new), porcelain painter marker (optional), CREATIVITY (mandatory:)).

How much time does it take? – It depends. It took me one hour to paint my jar. It is not time consuming but you have to wait for nail polish to dry in-between layers. 

Purpose: you can use the painted jar as a pen-holder, cosmetic brush holder, vase or any other kind of decoration.


1) Wash and dry the jar. It is important for the jar’s surface to be clean so that you can easily paint on it.

2) What I like to do is to first paint the contours of the image with a porcelain painter marker. It gives the picture nice borders and it makes it easier for you to fill up the shapes with nail polish. It is as if you are first making a sketch with a pencil and then coloring the shapes. However, this step is optional you can skip it and start painting with nail polish immediately instead.

For my project I used a black Marabu porcelain painter (1-2 mm). It is easier for me to pain with a thinner marker and it also looks nicer. 

3) Fill in the shapes with nail polish color of your choice. For my jar, I used a variety of nail polish brands and colors. The first layer might seem a little bit transparent but don`t worry, wait for the nail polish to dry and apply another layer.

4) Apply as much nail polish layers as needed. For my jar, I applied two layers for all colors.

5) What I like to do is go over the black borders with the porcelain marker once again. It gives the painted jar a final touch. Plus it hides all uneven spots where nail polish went over the first black stripe border. 

6) Wait for everything to dry and voilĂ  you have a nice recycled nail polish painted jar!

You can use the jar as a holder or fill it with candies and give it away as a present. This is a nice project that you can also do with your kids- its easy and it literary costs nothing, you are just recycling your nail polish and some jars.

Hope you enjoy and make sure to let me know how the crafting went and share pictures of your decorated jars!

Stay tuned for more nail polish craft!


P.S. I am sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. They were made with my phone since my camera is broken. And to be honest I am not a good photographer....I promise you from now on my husband will be responsible for making the pictures....he is way better than me :)