September 18, 2014

About Me

September 18, 2014
Hello World!

Whenever I am having a job interview or meeting someone for the first time, I always feel strange when asked to tell something about myself.  It really makes me think: “But, who am I?”, “What is special about me?”, “How can describe myself in 5 words?”  To be honest I’m not always able to find an interesting answer to those questions.Is there something special about me? Most of the days I would say “no”.  I am just:
  •           A person, like the rest of the 7 billion people in the world;
  •           A young woman in her late twenties, who still feels like a child, just like most of young people today;
  •           An educated girl with a Master’s degree, which has been out of a stable job for the last  9 months, applying like crazy but not getting everywhere, just like 25% of young people in Europe;
  •           A full grown adult who is still not sure what she wants to do in life, exactly like a lot of other adults;
  •          A good friend, who loves partying and who is always there when you need her, like all good friends in the world;
  •           A loving wife, which still feels like a girlfriend since nothing has changed after the signing of those papers, just like every real girlfriend that becomes a legal partner;
  •           An adventurer, who loves travelling and exploring new cultures, just like every open-minded young person in today’s globalized world;