December 18, 2014

Guest Post: 12 Energy Saving Days Of Christmas

December 18, 2014

With the big day just around the corner, we’ve put together this list of nifty energy saving tips to see you through the 12 days of Christmas.

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Pick a tree
Opt for a real tree instead of an artificial one. Plastic trees are not biodegradable and emit a lot of carbon in production and shipping, whereas real trees are carbon neutral. For bonus energy saving points, get your tree from a company like Forever Green Christmas, who will deliver a potted tree to you and then take it away in the New Year to look after it until next Christmas.

Get creative
Make your own decorations from recycled or reclaimed materials, or choose natural decorations such as evergreens, mistletoe and holly. Check out the Christmas craft events organised by the National Trust.

Hit the lights
Swap your traditional fairy lights with LED Christmas lights. According to the Energy Saving Trust, they are nearly six times cheaper to run. They’re also brighter, safer and last longer.

Limit hourly usage
Set timers so your Christmas lights automatically turn on and off at set times. You’ll never have to worry about switching them off and you won’t have to go around switching them off one-by-one.

Draught proof your home
Weigh up the benefits of loft insulation, wall insulation and floor insulation and take some DIY measures, such as drawing the curtains at dusk.

Buy local food
Buying local food means your Christmas dinner has less of a carbon impact. If you visit a local independent shop instead of travelling to a large supermarket, you can also reduce the time you spend on the road.

Cook smart
When cooking your sprouts and potatoes on the hob, use the right-sized pan and ring. Keep the lids on so the water boils faster and less energy is used.

Fill up the dishwasher and washing machine
As we gorge on Christmas dinners and –quite likely- spill gravy down our jumpers, it’s particularly important to fully load the dishwasher and washing machine during the Christmas period. Washing one big load uses less energy than washing little and often.

Drive smarter
If you’re travelling to see friends and family, combining journeys and making some simple changes to the way you drive can reduce the amount of fuel you burn and save money. See our guide to eco driving to get started.

Be a savvy shopper
Buy gifts that people will want and will last and stock up on rechargeable batteries for toys. If you’re buying electricals and gadgets, look out for energy efficient ones. Remember to recycle discarded packaging and paper after the big day.

Shop online
Shopping online means you spend less time guzzling fuel down the motorway and sitting in traffic.

Check your tariff
It pays to compare gas and electricity tariffs to check you’re getting the cheapest energy, especially if your tariff has recently come to an end. It might be worth seeing if an independent supplier can offer cheaper gas and electricity prices due to buying energy from the wholesale market. Alternatively, take out a tariff with an eco supplier such as Green Energy to have a lower impact on the planet.

Ronald Hurk works for a well known energy provider and enjoys blogging in his spare time. He often provides insights and advice for consumers looking for savings. 

Disclaimer: This is a Guest Post and the text, images and links were provided by the post author.