September 18, 2014

About Me

September 18, 2014
Hello World!

Whenever I am having a job interview or meeting someone for the first time, I always feel strange when asked to tell something about myself.  It really makes me think: “But, who am I?”, “What is special about me?”, “How can describe myself in 5 words?”  To be honest I’m not always able to find an interesting answer to those questions.Is there something special about me? Most of the days I would say “no”.  I am just:
  •           A person, like the rest of the 7 billion people in the world;
  •           A young woman in her late twenties, who still feels like a child, just like most of young people today;
  •           An educated girl with a Master’s degree, which has been out of a stable job for the last  9 months, applying like crazy but not getting everywhere, just like 25% of young people in Europe;
  •           A full grown adult who is still not sure what she wants to do in life, exactly like a lot of other adults;
  •          A good friend, who loves partying and who is always there when you need her, like all good friends in the world;
  •           A loving wife, which still feels like a girlfriend since nothing has changed after the signing of those papers, just like every real girlfriend that becomes a legal partner;
  •           An adventurer, who loves travelling and exploring new cultures, just like every open-minded young person in today’s globalized world;
  •          …and  so on because I am sure I fit a lot of other popular profiles…
Everybody wants to be special and different, show the world that they are brave and creative. Innovation is a key driver in today’s society and everybody is trying to invent something new: an app, new fashion line, organic whatever, a phone with a bigger screen. But what makes me ME? What makes me special?

To be honest, no I don`t consider myself special in any way. Rather I am unique, just like everybody else. Because everybody has his own life, own character, own family and friends, own experiences, own home….so there is not a single person in the world that is exactly the same. We are all different and unique.

So, I will leave it up to you, World, to find out what is it that is special about me, by allowing you to get to know me better.

Because, honestly, you never know What comes next?