October 26, 2014

About Interesting to Read #1

October 26, 2014
Hello World!

I often come across a lot of interesting posts and articles, which really amaze me and I want to share them with someone.  I was reading an article, which made me smile and then the greatest idea came to me- why not share the article with you and make you smile too! So I decided that I will do a weekly roundup of interesting stuff I came across on the internet: posts, articles, pictures, videos. …and here is the first post of the series “About Interesting to Read”!

If you also have some interesting articles to share, don`t hesitate to do it in the comment field under the blog post! I love discovering new things!

Five tips for healthy teeth @Beautiful Solutions – Everybody knows the basics – brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss, pay regular visits to the dentist, however, I to be honest even thought I know what I am supposed to do I don`t do it! I guess it is human nature not to worry about something until it becomes a problem. This post is a nice reminder of how important and easy it is to take care of our teeth!

How to Perform CPR on Nail Polish @Swatch and Learn - This is a very interesting post about how to manage your old nail polishes. I hate throwing away anything and I keep even my oldest and thickest nail polishes. I use some of them for doing crafts. Recently, however I discovered a nail polish thinner available in Serbia and I am now able to revive all of my favorite colors! In this post, another product of this type (Seche Restore) is reviewed.

This week’s roundup is very short but I promise that next week I will find more interesting articles for you to read!

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